Saturday, September 02, 2006

How to install and repair sidepull caliper bicycle brakes video

Here's a video on how to install a new cable for a sidepull caliper brake on a bicycle. The one thing you don't see clearly on the video is the insertion of the cable in the retaining bolt. There is a small hole in there that you have to pass the cable in before you tightened the bolt. Apart from that, it is pretty easy. Have fun and ride safe.


If the video below doesn't work, simply go see it directly on YouTube by clicking here.

If you need more info on brakes, go to the main brake article here. You will find more info but no cool background music, you will have to provide your own. :)


dariaspop said...

Dig that music man!

Anonymous said...

Well, the music was great and I even ripped it!! However it was not that instructional. Mainly it showed putting thewire through the cable and that was that. I need to know how TO ADJUST MY BRAKES!! When I apply the front and read one side on front and bake stay and if I don't pull it out they will rub and make a sound and pollibly wear down the rubber on the brake pad.

Gerry Lauzon said...

The video is an added instructional tool. The main article on brakes should help you out better. Your problem is simple to fix. Just loosen the bolt that holds the caliper on the fork, put the caliper so that both brake pads are equally apart from the rim, tighten the bolt and voila, you're done. You will however have to provide your own background music for this one. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job man. You really helped me figure out my 4 year-old's brakes. I know, should have been simple, but three days later here I am. Thanks again.

Bobbinoggin said...

you're pretty much AWESOME.

thank you for all the wonderful info.

p.s. your article about front and rear derailleur allignment was a lifesaver--and a self confidence boost once i succeded. :)

Gerry Lauzon said...

Thank you for the great compliments Melissa, I'm happy this helped you out.

Gerry :)