Sunday, November 19, 2006


Riding a bike in traffic is a perilous journey. Safe and well planned bike lanes can get you from point A to point B in a secure fashion. Not all local and national governments seem to agree on this or don't think that it is necessary. Like any other change that can be done by the people we put in power, the only way to get things done is by letting them know what we want. Sometimes just asking is sufficient, I know this by working for a government body. Elected and public officials don't have all the answers and just taking the time to tell them what you want can result in positive action. It doesn't always work that way, but sometimes it does when it is in the domain of the possible.

When the powers that be need a bit more convincing, a petition is a great way to go. There is one right now that Canadian Citizens can sign to push for more bike lanes at: http://www.gopetition.com/online/10170.html

For those of you living out in the rest of the planet, www.bikelane.com is a central point for all bike lane advocacy. If you don't find anything there, start your own group. If people from the mass never get involved, nothing will ever get done. Bike lanes are not only good for cyclists safety, but can get more people riding bikes and less people driving cars. A bike lane is also a great way to slow down car traffic.

Good luck and Godspeed to all of you out there.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much on your pictorial instruction on removing the one piece crank.

I have an old Schwinn DX900 that I've fixed up thanks to your help.

This is from a guy who's mtn bike has all Shimano XTR an XT parts.

You site is easily the most user friendly on the net.

Be safe!!


Gerry Lauzon said...

Thanks Dave. I love comments like yours, they make my day. I enjoy sharing my cycling passion with the world. Send me somes pics of your Schwinn and I'll do a "reader bike" post if you want.(This goes for all the readers of this blog.)

Thanks again and be safe as well.


Anonymous said...

Salut Gerry!

I posted a comment to you a while back about scavenging for used bikes... anyway, I found this entry very interesting, and I will say that there are even more direct ways to try and sway the government to invest in bicycle infrastructure.

Tu connait peut-être un évenement qui s'appelle Critical Mass, ou Masse Critique. It happens all over the place, once a month, where cyclists get together and ride as a mass through the city streets. It's a bit of a guerilla tactic, since it temporarily blocks the traffic so that everyone can ride together safely in the street.

Depuis cet été, it's getting very big in Montreal. Je fais un peu de promotion avec mon site: www.masse-critique.org. En tout cas, ce serais le fun si tu nous donnait un petit plogue sur ton site, et si tu roulais avec nous de temps en temps. :)

(especially with your Bart-pirate recumbent... that thing is all kinds of badass.)

Gerry Lauzon said...

Thanks for the comment Riley. I will definitely post about critical mass rides. They do happen all over the world and the message makes a lot of sense. Le bike "Bart" doesn't exist anymore, but I am planning on making a new one and post it. Pas de trouble pour la plogue, ca va etre bientot.


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