Saturday, January 05, 2008


This time in Saudi Arabia. At the urging of one of my readers, I share this with you. Although he gets pulled by a car to get momentum, it is still pretty amazing how he smokes that rear tire drifting his bike. Mind you that the roads in Saudi Arabia are as smooth as glass from what I'm told.



Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you're confusing skidding with drifting.

When you apply the breaks and lock up the rear wheel it's a skid.

When you apply the power and induce an over-steer condition you're drifting.

Real Bicycle Drifting:

I know a thing or two about skidding. I've got scars on my elbows to prove it. :-)


Gerry Lauzon said...

Thanks for the correction Obscura, I was actually waiting for it.

Gerry :)

Vic Val said...

Hey Gerry, now I would want to be the lawst person to appear ungrateful. I discovered your blog with glee and bookmarked it, looking forward to more of your sage advice and tips. I note with disappointment that your last couple of posts consist of links to videos of others. And I have patiently waited for a few weeks, checking regularly. Any chance of some insight to your intention of future blogs? Most sincerely, Vic (Australia)

Gerry Lauzon said...

Dear Vic, thanks for being a fan. Yes I have been slacking off lately. Winter, renovations to my basement that is yet to be finished, quitting smoking and a whole other bunch of things are screwing around with my life these days. To you and the other readers I say this: do not despair. I'll get my head screwed back on soon and you guys should get fresh and original content soon. Don't worry, the passion isn't dead, it's just taking a back seat for now and it will return stronger than ever. I appreciate all of you out there and you are not taken for granted.

Gerry :)