Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One great way to get your ride in running order is to join a local community bike shop. These places are run by volunteers who can help fix your bike and teach you how to do it yourself at the same time for a very reasonable price. They don't all work the same way and their hours might not be as many as regular bike shops (volunteers remember)but you are sure to find some good help. Community bike shops are also a great place to get your hands on used parts at the fraction of the cost compared to new ones.

Apart from the nuts and bolts, they are a great place to make new friends who share your passion for the two wheeled wonder. If you want, you can also become a volunteer yourself and join them in spreading the knowledge that you've learned. I am listing some shops here that I know of around the world, if I'm missed yours, please email me and I will add it to the list. If you don't have one in your area, I suggest you might look into starting one. I have enjoyed helping out people at the Mile End Bike Garage here in Montreal for the past year and recommend the experience to everybody with the knowledge.

Montreal, Canada

Right to move

Mile End Bike Garage

McGill's SSMU Bicycle Collective
3600 McTavish Street, room B-04

Vancouver Canada

The Bike Kitchen





Bellingham WA

San Francisco

Iowa City

You can also check out the Bike Collective who list many community bike shops around the world: http://www.bikecollectives.org/

Til next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see that you included Iowa City, IA on your list here! I love that city and it's awesome that you included this!

Gerry Lauzon said...

It's all good. Like I said in the article, I will be more than happy to link up any community bike shop.

Gerry :)