Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Once again it's time for THE build off of the year over at the very friendly ratrodbikes.com discussion forum. To my wife's great chagrin it is also time for me to build another bike. This time I will be using a modern Chinese made cruiser frame that I reviewed last year called The Chief. The bike frame is in almost new condition and in keeping with the rules I am not modifying it. I have slightly scored it with sandpaper, sprayed with Krylon white anti rust primer and layed down two coats of Krylon red over it. It now sits to dry and i will be applying multiple coats of Krylon epoxy clear as soon as weather permits (I'm outdoors you know). This also keeps in with the rule that the builder must apply the paint himself, no fancy thousand dollar paint jobs here.

So go over to see the other builds here: http://ratrodbikes.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=24

Or better yet, sign up and join us in the fun. Last build off winner was karfer67 who ratted out a vintage Schwinn delivery bike. Anything goes folks, within the rules of course. :)

Til next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry... my names Farrell. I've recently become obssessed with bikes. I have been reading alot of the rat rod forums and your how to's(very helpful btw). So, i have a comment and a question...

I saw that post from bullet proof. Before i even saw your response i was thinking how distasteful it was. im hoping its a new member who just doesnt know any better. i think you were totally justified in your response.

ok, now my question... i know a guy who's got a vintage rollfast that's a complete rust bucket. i want it bad but he knows its a classic, so despite the condition he's asking $50.

do you think that's too much?

i think it would be perfect for the RRBBO3.


Gerry Lauzon said...

Thanks for the support bro. If your Rollfast frame is the only game in town (around here it would be) $50 is a decent price. However, make sure you check the frame for cracks, holes and cracked or broken welds before you buy it. Rust you can deal with, future catastrophic failure prone frames are useless and you would be throwing your money away.

Good luck and come join the fun asap!

Gerry :)