Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, to the riding season anyways here in the snowbelt. It is possible to ride in the winter, but for those of us that actually did it, it's not as fun as a nice ride on a warm sunny day. For the past four days I've been hit by a nasty cold and within the daze of the sickness and medication, I have managed to reflect a bit about my riding season.

I came to the sad conclusion that I didn't take as many riding opportunities as I should have. Sure we had gray and misty days most of the summer, but I was in good shape and more than able to ride. It kinda reminds you that some people don't benefit from that privilege due to ailments or physical disabilities. We should all thank our lucky stars that we can ride and enjoy it to the fullest every chance we get.

Hopefully I will get better real soon and I swear to you that I will ride as often as I can until that white crap hits the ground. Sorry I couldn't write a how-to post, my brain is just floating in a gooyee fog this week folks. This cold is so nasty that the usual combination of Advil sinus and NyQuil knock out aren't as effective as usual. However, I did try something on the home remedy front. I made some chicken noodle soup and added a dash of hot sauce. This provides relief for a couple of hours.

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :/


mvc said...

After reading your post, I have a question for you: would you mind giving some tips on winter bike maintenance? I've ridden through about seven winters now and usually just coat the entire transmission in lots of 10W30 but with all that dirty grease built up it's acted like sandpaper and completely worn down my gears. Do I just need to do a better job of cleaning the chain regularly? Thanks for any advice!

-- matt

PS: I've never left a comment here before, but you have a great blog! I found your site because I met you at a Critical Mass ride in Montreal once.

Gerry Lauzon said...

Hey Matt,

10W30 motor oil is about one of the worst things you can put on your chain, at anytime of the year. It is a magnet for dirt. Use automatic transmission fluid instead. In order for your ride to survive winter, you have to wipe down the drivetrain often and re-lube as you need to. Keeping the bike clean as much as you can will help it out a lot during the winter season.

Gerry :)

Anonymous said...

I love riding in Winter. Rains my favorite. I have really good control of my bike in the wet. That probably didn't have much to do with the topic lol.

Unknown said...

Yes, but it's always good to hear from the readers.

Gerry :)