Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Don't ride your bike on the sidewalk.

Ever! Pedestrians own the sidewalk and it is very dangerous to ride on them as if they were bike paths. I always take my chances on the road and never use sidewalks. If I absolutely have to, I get off my bike and walk the required distance.

Besides, they're not always safe even for us. Take into consideration what happened to this guy!

Until next time, do ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)


Unknown said...

it all depends how you ride on sidewalk, don`t try standarize everybody behavour. Of course ride on sidewalk 20km/h when is safe:no tries, open space. There are sensitive riders who would slow down to crawl when pedstrian is within 5m of bike like me and there are idiots who zoom fast by olderly people.
You slow down on sidewalk AND bike path - doesn`t matter where when close to pedestran IF you are decent person.
NOTICE: Bike path is NOT only for bikes.
I see more people using sidewalk for riding, 99% of pedestrian don`t have problem with this, they know cyclists avoid cars.
Sidewalk is safest place to ride no doubt, you need to respect pedestrian and slow down to 2-3km/h when person is closer.
Cyclist cannot win with car and what drivers do behind wheel is apalling.

Unknown said...

Don't take it too seriously. The post is just a lame excuse to show you guys the video. I guess if you are smart about it like that it's cool. However, in some places like here it is illegal and can get you a fine by the local constabulary.

Gerry :)

Unknown said...

Also here in Alberta as you might know there no emission inspections,
everything got registered, half of muffler, no muffler doesn`t matter, like 3-rd world country.
Enjoy your ride 2 meters trom 15-year old stinker.
Another reason to avoid cars by all means - on sidewalks, across parking, behind buildings, whatever.

Lance said...

In Los Angeles cops will direct you onto the sidewalk if you're riding on the street during rush hour! A major pain... I hate the sidewalk.

Teresa Halminton said...

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