Thursday, April 08, 2010


Not a very brilliant post but I have been wanting to do an original demotivational poster of my own for a while. I came up with this. I've received so many comments about King Kong the wrench on my Youtube videos, I figured it warranted to be immortalized.

Why not do so and plug my blog as well. This huge wrench was given to me by my Father. He had bought it while working on the Olympic pool back in 1976. It was used once on that job and then became dead weight in his tool box for the next 20 years. He gave it to me when he retired and it saw more work in one week than the entire time it was with him.

King Kong the wrench, also known as Kowalski, has never surrendered to anything. Jammed freewheels and rusted nuts are no match for it's awesome brute force. Sometimes all I need to do to loosen a nut is to drop it. The shear weight takes care of things. It has also been used as an anvil, big fraking hammer and frustration outlet.

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)


Ken Davidson said...

Almost the equivalent of what we call The Brummagem Screwdriver (Brummagem = Birmingham, screwdriver = hammer) ;)

Reciclone said...

Like the Bee man in the Simpsons says: Ay, ay, ay... Es muy grande!

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