Monday, April 12, 2010


As crazy as it might sound, wood bicycle fenders are not a new trendy thing. Wooden bike fenders have been around since the late 19th Century during what was called the Golden Age of the bicycle.

Nothing can look as good as a nicely laminated wood fender if you want a real vintage look. Modern varnishes can keep them looking good for a long time.

A local artisan here in Montreal named Nicholas Knowles has started making them and he's offering them for sale. It would seem that Nick was tired of getting his butt and nice Brooks saddle all dirty. I've asked him about a set of full lenght touring fenders and he's working on it with no release date for now.

Check out his stuff here at Red Tail Fenders: http://www.etsy.com/shop/redtailfenders

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)

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Brian W. Ogilvie said...

That fender looks nice, but I doubt it would keep much spray or mud off of your back.