Friday, May 14, 2010

Sons of Jenna

As some of you know, I have entered my homemade stretched cruiser bike in the build off at ratrodbikes.com. It would seem that my attempt at trying to make a utilitarian bike look cool has spawned two more of these in the ratrodbike.com community.

Member Hsean has slapped together "Imma Hauling" from a classic Raleigh Three speed roadster

Meanwhile member and moderator Hooch as taken some vintage American iron and actually entered the bike in the build-off. The bike is called #2, for now anyways.

It's always nice and flattering to inspire others. :)

You can follow the builds here:

Imma Hauling


Jenna Saykwa

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)


Annie said...

Beautiful spawn of Jenna!

Just to let you know I have renamed my blog aswell http://mybikedaisy.tk/

Anonymous said...

what do you recomend if i dont have a chain tool? send to acgt101@hotmail.com

Gerry Lauzon said...

Cool stuff Annie

Anonymous, a nail, a hammer and lots of patience.

Gerry :)

joshfromga said...

I stand in awe of your creations. months ago i built a long bike and posted a comment about it on one of Jenna's build logs. i finally found the perfect rack for mine in the form of a dvd rack. anyways, here he is after a frame replacement, paint job, and rack installation. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5202/5347415909_a57256c8ee_b.jpg
thank you so much for all the information and inspiration!


Gerry Lauzon said...

Awesome job Josh. I love what you did with the second derailleur for chain tension.

Gerry :)