Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I hate SPAM in all it's forms. I don't care who you are.

So you want to promote your cycling/community cause and wish to do it with this blog? Fine, send me an email with some info and I will post about it. (xddorox at gmail.com)

Spamming my comment section in a post will get you deleted and make me angry. That is just rude. I don't know  if Cadbury's Bicycle Factory is legit, a scam or another way for a big box corporation to look all nice by trying to be do-gooders, but linking there site, with no email contact for me to report such rudeness, in one of the comment sections is all wrong.

Note to all wannabe spammers, I do check my comments on a regular basis and you will be deleted. To those of you fighting out there for the cause, send me an email and I will gladly help you out if I can.

Well one good thing came out of this, it got me so pissed that I actually posted again. Stay tuned since I have a few pieces on stand by, including a how-to article in the works. It's been a lousy Summer bike wise, but I'll try and make it up.

Rant over.


Godspeed to you all and ride safe.

Gerry   :)