Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Bike maintenance Book now in Spanish

We live in an awesome world. This morning I opened my email to find a wonderful gift from one of my readers in Chile. Eugenio Valencia of San Felipe took the time to translate my free Ebook on bike maintenance into Spanish.Eugenio told me that he has cycled since he was 5 and that he has covered at least half of his country by bike since then.

Join me in thanking him for his great gift and all the best to you all for the festive season. Take note that the Spanish version is a bit big since it is a Word document. Anybody out there that could convert it to pdf would be greatly appreciated since I don't have the means to do so right now.

Update: Neil Massey, a reader from the US, provided me with a pdf copy which you can download now.

Free Bike Maintenance Book in Spanish .doc

Free Bike Maintenance Book in Spanish .pdf  (Thanks Neil )

Free Bike Maintenance Book in English

Gerry  :)


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