Thursday, April 07, 2011

We make it on MAKE's top 10!

Wow what a kick. A recent post on the MAKEZINE blog list the top 10 homebuilt recumbents and 2 of my creations make it at number 5 and 6. Too bad that number 5 was a failure but I did learn a lot while building it.

There are two things to remember when trying to build your own recumbent, the R&D is the fun part and when in doubt, overbuild. You'll always come out on top.

The Bart Simpson fairing served on 2 of my creations. The one pictured being the worst. The fairing was made of Coroplast held together with Duct tape and silicone. I had painted the whole thing black and made the Bart skull from reflective vinyl. It worked great and never went unnoticed. I made quite a few fairings and tail boxes out of coroplast. All of them were inspired by Bill Volk's coroplast craziness page on ihpva.org.

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Until next time, ride safe and free.

Gerry :)

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