Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car Bait 2, the Chopper bicycle

I'm permitting myself to blow my own horn this week. I've taken the time over the last week to paint this last bicycle chopper project of mine,. Sanded, sprayed with a coat of primer black and finally sprayed it semi-gloss black. Touch ups are a breeze. I also added the stick shifter from Jenna Saykwa that graciously donated it for this project. The shifter rest on a tank plate that I cut from the backing plate of an old 1950's fridge. I kept the original finish on the plate. The bike now carries the name "Car Bait 2" in honor of a previous perfect ride that snapped a frame tube after being ridden too hard for over 5 500 km.

I also took the time to redo the face plate of the speedometer. A simple scan of the original that was used as a basis for the new one that I made using Gimp. I took the time to convert it to metric as well since everything is "faster" in metric.  :) I printed the new one on card stock and glued it behind the original plate before screwing it back into place. I like how it came out.

I added some cargo capacity by bolting on a pair of lunch boxes on the sides. I have my tools and spare parts in one box and the other is empty to carry different items.

The last dilemma that I had was the fenders. I need fenders because i just can't stand riding with my back sprayed wet. But, on this bike, they would have looked ugly. So I took an inspiration from British sports car builder Vanwall who went around the same problem by making fenders out of old tires, thus "camouflaging" their existence. I did the same thing using old rusted fenders and brackets that I cut down to shape using tin snips. I then put the scissors to a pair of old tires I had lying around, a large one in back and a skinny one up front. The tires are simply bolted on the supporting old fenders using the existing attachment points for the frame and brackets. I really like how it came out, a good compromise.

This bike is now my main ride. I've put over 110 km on it in the last week and I have had no problems to report. This bike is just a dream to ride. There will be more things happening to it in the future and I will keep you all posted on the results.

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Until next time, ride safe and free.

Gerry :)


ZAPPDOG said...

Maybe you should get a horn to blow, one of those squeeze bulbs.
The bike looks great. I like what you did with the speedo. Very nice. Gimp? We must talk Linux.
The shifter is real sweet. Is it ratcheted or friction?
Love the idea of the tires for fenders. That could look pretty wild using big knobbies for fenders on a mountain bike.
Nice ride and well done.

Gerry Lauzon said...

Thanks Larry.


David J said...

Blow away Mr Fixit!
That bike looks awesome!
I've got most of the gear I need to replicate it but I'm gonna balk at it and just admire your work.

I love the extras, the tin box, the mudguards and the spedo!

I can't stop looking ogling this bike!

David J said...

Oh yeh... The gear shifter is a must!

Gerry Lauzon said...

Make sure you send me a pic of yours. Anyone wondering about this (you shouldn't), feel free to replicate or improve this design.

Gerry :)

rude boo said...

Hi there! I was wondering if you could share how you converted the mileometer from miles to km. I am thinking of getting one too. I love the lunchbox tin too! How did you get that on the bike? Thanks!!

Gerry Lauzon said...

The mileometer is not converted. If you look at the full size pic by clicking on it, you'll that the rider is asked to do some math in order to figure that one out (X 1.6 = km). The lunch box were fixed by being bolted through using brackets that I fabricated. Glad you like it.

Gerry :)

rude boo said...

Thanks Gerry! I need to install a calculator for that then. :P

Do you have any pictures of the back of the tin boxes? I would like to know how to install it on my bike!

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Gerry Lauzon said...

Glad you like it.

Gerry :)

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