Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Best Bicycle Video ever, Danny MacAskill

Every now and then I need to escape, dream, be in awe of all the amazing things that surround us. This video brings me to that magic place every time and I can't believe that I've never shared it here before.

I've watched it so many times and I still can't believe how it comes and gets me right in my soul. I get goose bumps and my heart pounds every single time I watch it.

Danny MacAskill is an amazing rider and the film maker who made this of him shot a Masterpiece. 27 million views and counting can't be wrong. Watch it, be in awe, enjoy, shed a tear of joy, cheer and celebrate life.

Gerry :)

1 comment:

Ken Davidson said...

Liked it. But hated the first minute. I'd not like to see the skewered body of the kid that tries to copy the antics on the security fence. I can't help it, but at that point I thought, "bloody idiot". Skilled? Certainly. Misguided presentation though.