Sunday, October 09, 2011

Of Bikes and Photography

Kinax Alsace Camera

As a graphic artist since my younger days I've always tried to bring interesting images to this blog beyond the mere fact of just showing something.

With the advent of digital photography things have been a lot more affordable and experimenting as become practical to the point of helping me become better at it.

A recent interest into film photography has spurred my thirst for knowledge even more and now I've decided to do the same with that quest as I have with the cycling one, blog about it.

In the same spirit as bicycle repair, I'm a frugal guy who doesn't believe in throwing money I don't have at a problem. In many cases the person behind the camera makes the biggest difference, not the camera. I'll be sharing my tips and tricks on how to make better pictures.

This should be interesting since I am not even the shadow of an expert in the field of picture taking but I still invite you to share my new quest for knowledge and maybe learn something with me along the way.

The best I can guaranty you is educated guesswork but it should be fun. There are already a few posts and more to come so drop by at takingpictures101.blogspot.com when you have a chance.

Until next time ride safe and free.

Gerry :)

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Tejvan Pettinger said...

INteresting. I was a cyclist who got in to photography because I was interested in taking photos of cyclists. I found it wasn't always as easy as other types of photos