Monday, October 03, 2011

The Quick Stik tire lever

The Quik Stik

I have a few favorite tools that I've been hauling and working with throughout the years and this one is the junior of the bunch, the Quik Stik tire lever.

I've used all kinds of things to get tires off from steel levers, plastic ones and yes even a flat head screwdriver. The plastic levers break all the time, the steel ones pinch the tube and the screwdriver well...I was all out of levers, let's leave it at that.

While looking at tools at my local MEC I came upon this little wonder 2 years ago. The Quik Stik is just that, a stick. It's made of plastic so you can't pinch or puncture the tube. It is very beefy so it won't break and trust me I've tried. The other great feature is that you only need one to do the job.

Shove it in with the notch on the tire bead and pull the tire off.
You simply shoved the thing between tire and rim with the notch facing up, pop the tire off the rim, twist the stick so the notch now sits on the rim and push. The tire comes right off just like that. It is also very sturdy when prying tires back on when necessary.

Turn the stick so that the notch sits on the rim.

An inexpensive piece of kit that will save you time, tubes and money from the swear jar.

Push it along the rim and the tire will come right off.

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