Monday, August 24, 2015

New/Old project a Bike Revival

Yesterday I took a stretched chopper I slapped together 4 years ago and fell in love with it all over again. I built it out of 2 frames I had lying around, a Schwinn cruiser and a mixte frame. I stole the idea from a friend who did this design by bringing 2 frames together at the bottom bracket.

I went ahead with my own idea to stretch it even more. I wanted cool looks and a comfortable riding bike. I wanted my cake and eat it too! Well after 4 years, 150 miles and one crash, proof of concept as been overly tested. It's comfortable and reliable like a tank. Now I need to go beyond the semi-gloss black paint and add some character to this thing.

The main goal is to make it look so rough that you would want a Tetanus shot before riding it but the mechanics of it underneath will be perfect and well balanced. This build will be in 2 parts.

First I want to do a full mechanical tune up to all the components and take care of the overall finish. I would like the bike to be in riding condition before the end of the Fall season. Secondly, since I am getting a bit older, I want to install an electric assist system to it that I have lying around. I'll also be adding a full lighting system and make some other cool doodads.

Keep posted for another instalment of this revival next week. Here's some shots of the bike as it sits right now.

The bike as it looks right now
Custom made tire front fender, might be keeping that.

Details of the bolt on Bottom Bracket extension

Shifter with knob found on the ground by my Wife in South Portland Maine, go figure! definitely keeping that.

Foot operated rear brake because I ran out of brake cable. Keeping it but must improve. Doesn't work that good.

Lighting system will be fully redone.

Lunch box saddle bag. To be replaced. This is the sole survivor from the original pair. The other one was destroyed in a crash. Never lock up the front wheel when turning.  :)

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry  :)


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Neil said...

the bike looks beautiful
I saw the updates but please post the final version if you managed to finish it