Monday, August 31, 2015

No weld Chopper rebuild part 2

So the bike has been taken apart and inspected. Recent documents that came back to light revealed that the mileage made is actually 300 miles. Taking it apart revealed some good and some bad. Grease and bearings stood up good and removing some tape reminded me that I did a stupid move with the hacksaw when I built this thing. However, everything has held up pretty good.

Make no mistake, I wouldn't sell this bike to anyone as it is at best a slapped together piece of junk. But it rides very smoothly and I love it, which in this case comes second to my health and safety.

Talking about slapped together, the paint was just sprayed on after a very light wipe down using a half dirty rag. Want to know what happens when you don't prep your surface properly? Take a look at the picture and the answer is pretty obvious.

So step one is done. The bike is pieces, I gathered some parts, found my tools, well most of them, have a design in mind and the weather is nice, because I'm outdoors you know so that is important. Next will be painting primer red so that I can start building on a , temporarily, clean canvas.

Taking it apart

Grease and bearings fared well.

Oups! A case of measure, cut once...measure again, cut twice.
Paint chips all over the frame shows the very low degree of surface prep. The new paint job won't be much better.  :)

My chaintool is still missing in action.
Some of the parts I'll be using, or not.

Definitely going for a full wrap rear fender.

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry  :)


David J said...

Wow, she’s in a bit of a state. Still an inspiring project though.
I wonder if you could use copper water pipe as a sleave to reinforce seat stay joins?
The rear mud guard will look great.

Gerry Lauzon said...

I'm sick this week but I have an update on Monday that addresses that very issue. Keep posted.

Gerry :)

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