Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chopper build progress and new name, "Ebola" or part 3

The bike being stripped down, I cleaned the frame and went over it with sandpaper and steel wool. Not a real proper preparation for the red primer finish but i want the paint to flake in time. See I'll be promoting rust, not prevent it.

Frame painted primer red, not the rustproof kind.

I've also used bailing wire to kinda add strength to my bad bolt-on job on the upper part of the frame and to give more rigidity to the brake brace at the rear. We'll see how that goes.

Redneck re-enforced frame and brake bracket. Will it hold or help?

I came up with a new name, "Ebola". The end goal for the bike is for it to look so bad that no one will dare sit on it because they'll be afraid to catch something. Tetanus having been already used, I needed something else and nastier. Can't beat my choice. The theme of the bike will evolve around the name as well.

Homemade stencil on card stock with my printer using Gimp. I outlined the yellow with a permanent marker.

I've started doing a bit of weathering on the red primer finish and I have the fenders sitting outside in the elements. Progress is slow but I want this to come out looking good and balanced. No rush here, I just want to have something really cool and different.

Hiding the bolt-on with a themed bandage on white hockey tape. I did not use real blood, this is food colouring.

Weathering done with Gray and rust model oil paint using a lot of thinner.

Keep posted for more progress. Sadly, my chaintool is still MIA.  :(

Ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry  :)


David J said...

Great idea. A friend of mine bought a rather expensive band new bike several years ago and removed all the labels then hand painted the frame with a mish mosh of colours to camouflage the bike and make it look less desirable to thieves. It's a heap of junk to the untrained eye.

You've taken aversion to a whole new level. Love the detail you've gone to in creating a rusty look. ;) I hope the fencing wire holds. I it might give a little flex but if anchored so it doesn't slide up or down I reckon it will do the trick. Nice work!

Gerry Lauzon said...

Thanks David. I'm nowhere near done. :)


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