Bike Know How is an online hub for cycling communities. We share how to fix bikes guides, provide bike reviews, price comparisons, and discussion forums. Bike Know How also promotes cycling events and helps members to join these events. 

Our History

Bike know How was founded in 2004 where it began as an events calendar for races. Since then, we have expanded to include events calendar, reviews, repair guides, discussion forums.

Our Vision

Bike Know How aims to promote a cycling lifestyle that integrates recreation, fitness, and eco-friendly transportation. Our site brings together pro cyclists, enthusiasts, recreational cyclists, environmentalists, or casual commuters to share information about cycling and create and join cycling events.

What We Do

  • Events

Our event calendar is a valuable resource for cycling events. On our sites, you will get information about different events.

  • Repairs

Here, you will find comprehensive repair guides to help our clients resolve issues with their bikes on a DIY project.

  • Reviews

Bike Know How boasts knowledgeable review experts who give detailed outlines to help you make an informed choice.

  • Forums

In the Forum section, members get to discuss all things cycling.

Our Partners

Bike Know How partners with community organizations and initiatives, including collaborating with local and national environmental groups and Pro-health groups.

Bike Know How also partners with school programs to promote healthy habits, assist youths fighting obesity, and promote cycling as a means of transport.