Fun Tips for Cycling Beginners
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Fun Tips for Cycling Beginners

When you are new to cycling, the riding feels more like a task than a fun adventure. Trying to coordinate movements, avoid obstacles, and follow traffic rules make cycling for new riders less entertaining.

If you are a new rider, follow these tips, and you can enjoy riding as you intended to when you learned how to ride a bike.

  • Ensure the seat height is right for you. The height seat is an excellent factor in cycling. It also prevents injuries.
  • In the early stages, do not worry about the fancy or pro-gear. A helmet is enough.
  • Make sure your bike is fit for your height. If the bike is not fit for you, your riding experience will be painful. Ensure the seat height and the reach of the handlebar are the right fit. Seat height should allow a slight bend of the knee, and the handlebar reach should form a 45-degree angle of your arms.
  • Keep your bike is well maintained. Ensure that you perform routine essential maintenance such as lubricating chains.
  • At the beginning of your riding stages, avoid taking on too much mileage.
  • Join a riding group as this makes it more fun. However, if you join a pro-cycling group, hang out at the back to avoid causing crashes.

Cycling should be fun, and if you follow these simple tips, you will have a lot of fun while also keeping fit.

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