Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here's a comprehensive list of the better how-to articles in this blog. More will be added as time goes by. I've also noticed while going thru these that some are dated and need some tuning up! I didn't realize until now how big this thing is getting and I have my work cut out for me. What am I saying? This is not work, it's actually a lot of fun, enjoy.

Repair How-to's

How to remove a bicycle wheel
How to fix a flat tire
How to grease wheel bearings
How to adjust a bicycle seat
How to emergency wheel fix
How to align a bicycle wheel
Regular bike maintenance routine
Springtime bike checklist
How to adjust brake handles
How to fix brakes
How to adjust the front derailleur
How to adjust the rear derailleur
How to lubricate your chain
How to use a chain tool
How to replace a chain
How to repair a 3 piece bottom bracket
How to remove a one piece crank
How to remove bike pedals
How to remove a freewheel
How to remove hand grips easily
How to remove a threaded fork
How to prevent rust on your bike
How to remove rust from chrome
How to repaint your bicycle
My pedal / crank keeps falling off!
How to prevent bike theft
How to get an inexpensive kid's bike
How not to buy a new bike
How ot ride a bike in winter
How to start a bicycle repair business
How to paint a bike the quick and easy way
How to install  a bicycle cargo rack

Bicycle builds

BMX rebuild 1
BMX rebuild 2
Vintage CCM muscle bike
1950 ladie's CCM
Homebuilt Recumbent 1
Homebuilt Recumbent 2
Homebuilt Recumbent 3
Homebuilt Recumbent 4
(note, this last project ended up being a failure, but it is still listed since you might find some valuable information within the articles written about it and the origin of the failure was the actual layout, not the work itself.)

Special projects

DIY Big Trailer
DIY Smal Trailer
DIY Hard Saddle bag for almost nothing

Gerry :)


Todd said...

I know how to fix bikes tyvm

Rachat de credit said...

Thank you so much it was a good help, now to fix our bicycle is without a doubt easy utilizing your information. Thank you

celestemc said...

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into this. I recently scored a rusted treasure at a garage sale, but had no idea what would be involved in bringing it back to a rideable state. I think I just might give it a go and attempt to do the repairs myself now that I have found your resources!

Gerry Lauzon said...

You are all very welcomed. Celeste, remember that practice makes perfect and that you really can't break anything you can't fix. Good luck with your bike rescue and send us pics when you're done.

Gerry :)

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