How to Fix a Bike Chain
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How to Fix a Bike Chain

The bike chain is one of the components of a bike that needs replacing more regularly. This is because it undergoes a lot of movement and stress, making it wear out faster.

Over time, the internal bushings of the chain links slowly lengthen as they wear out. This loosens the chain, putting a lot of pressure on the cassette cogs and the chain teeth. This chain of events causes the bike chain to wear faster. To avoid wearing out your chain system, replace the chain every 2000 kilometers. However, the frequency of replacement depends on the rider’s riding style.

How to Fix Your Bike Chain

  • Find the proper chain. Make sure that you purchase the correct width of the bike chain.
  • Find the right tools. You will need to have chain replacement tools. This includes the chain breaker or chain master link pliers. A universal chain tool is also a great tool to have for your chain replacement toolbox.
  • Use master link pliers to undo the master link chain type. Use the chain breaker to undo the standard chain types.
  • Remove the chain from the bike.
  • Measure and use a chain breaker to match the exact length of the old chain. When we talk about length, we mean the width, indicated by the number of cogs on your cassette.
  • Install the new chain onto the chainring and cassette.
  • Connect the open ends with a master link. Make sure the connection is secure and locked perfectly in place.

Suppose you need to replace your chain while on the go, remove the damaged link using the multitool chain breaker and replace the link with a new chain link pin. However, if you do not have extra chain link pins, use the existing pin to connect the link and leave the damaged link with one plate. This link connection may not be solid, and you will have to replace the chain when you get home.

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