Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I finished the extension, hooked up the brakes and installed the fender. I managed to cobble up together a rack from some steel brackets and a piece of flooring. Right now, I'm at a loss to make this rack work and bring it into a real practical mode. I have one problem: WEIGHT!

This bike would be great at doing double duty as a battleship anchor. It weighs a ton. I guess it's what you get for building it yourself for free. I was expecting this of course and I had changed the wheels from the original steel jobs to alloy to get at least a little break. Going up any incline, this bike will remind you that it's no Ally McBeal. The other side of the medal is that whenever you point something that heavy downhill, it doesn't require much effort from you to go fast.

Handling is a bit weird but the bike is very comfortable. The addition of V-Brakes was a good idea as well. All and all I am pretty happy with my monster since it will make me grow legs like the Hulk in no time. :) Now if I can only figure out this rear rack thing!?!

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)


Johann Rissik said...

Hi Gerry,
I'd heard that there was a world-wide shortage of steel... ;)
Great to see that you're busy and obviously well.
I'm about to embark on a project that will involve building a Simple fixie from an old steel road frame. I plan to strip the steel down to raw and then blue it (gun blue). Maybe some Damascus steel blingy bits. It's about to be winter down here, so I will have the time. Keep well, Johann.

Clancy said...

Looks good. If you could figure out the connection, some copper pipe would be strong enough for most hauling up to 100 lbs. Reasonable light and easy to work with.

Unknown said...

Tanks for the advice, I'll look into it.

Gerry :)

Phil DeGrave said...

Ok, Now I think I know where the term "Gerry-Rigged" comes from...
Not that there's anything wrong with that, I have the same 'disease'.;) Quite impressed with your ingenuity. Been thinking of devising a multi-purpose 1970's style BMX sidehack. Not for a passenger per say, but for hauling cargo. Ever messed with bicycle sidecars?

Gerry Lauzon said...

Actually it came from WW2 where "Gerry" was the nickname given to German soldiers by the Brits, well one of them anyways. However, I am flattered. As for the sidecar I must admit I was tempted a few times especially after seeing some from the Philippines, I think, but I have no use for one and too many projects to do anyways. Keep me posted with yours, it sounds real cool.

Gerry :)