Monday, March 29, 2010

Leather saddle break-in procedure

This was left as a comment on another post by an anonymous contributor. I felt I should share it with you here. from what I know of taking care of leather it's seems to make sense. I haven't tried it myself but I plan on getting a new Brooks this summer and I will definitely try this out.

Any of you have tried this method? Let us know and comment.

"Unapproved Brooks leather saddle break-in procedure:

1) Select the saddle that seems to fit you in the store. Don't bother to get an "Aged" version, because they do not last as long as the regular versions.


Step 1) is important, because if you do this to anyone else's saddle, you will ruin it for them.


2) Take it home and Proofide the bottom thoroughly, and put a thin coat on the top surfaces.

3) LOOSEN THE SADDLE TENSIONING BOLT. Go ahead, loosen it all the way if you want.

4) The day you are going to break it in, put a moist washcloth on the back half of the saddle and leave it there for an hour or so.

5) Put on your cycling shorts that match or are darker than the saddle color, because a little of the saddle color may bleed onto your pants.

6) Remove the damp cloth, and ride for about five miles. By now it should feel bouncy like a firm mattress.

7) Ride for about another five miles. You should notice a distinct "hammocking" of the saddle, and it will be hard to sit all the way back on it.

8) Let the saddle thoroughly dry out.

9) Lightly Proofide the top of the saddle, or use regular wax-based shoe polish.

(This step merely exists to shine up the leather and limit the amount of water the leather absorbs, so just use plain-old shoe polish wax if the saddle already feels OK, or use Proofide if it still seems a mite stiff.)

10) Tighten the saddle tensioning bolt. (I had to use an adjustable spanner, as the supplied wrench slipped once I pulled the leather back into the stretched position.)

That's it! Ride and enjoy!

--Alan, another satisfied Brooks customer.

p.s. I was able to mostly break in a new B17 saddle in about 20 miles, and it's truly a joy to use now. "

Again, many thanks to our anonymous reader for the tip.

Until next time, ride safe and Godspeed.

Gerry :)

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Dave said...

I never did this and everything went fine. It still broke in rather quickly. I'm not sure I recommend this method based on other experiences that I've heard.