Tips for Learning How to Ride a Bike as an Adult
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Tips for Learning How to Ride a Bike as an Adult

A common myth is that you can forget about riding a bike as an adult if you don’t learn this skill as a kid. Many people believe that it is almost impossible to learn how to ride a bike as an adult.

Marilyn Northcotte from new Zealand busts this myth with her teaching program. She has taught adults as old as 69 years master how to ride a bike.

So How Do You Learn to Ride as an Adult?

Learning as an adult is not any different from learning as a child. The steps are all the same. All you need is a bike and a wide-open space. Then follow the following steps;

  • Set up your bike. Stand over the bike and ensure the top tube does not press into you.
  • Practice getting on and off the bike. Lean the bike towards you while applying the brakes to mount.
  • Practice your braking. Push your bike down and practice applying the brakes.
  • Practice gliding. Mount on the bike and scoot on the bike to practice balancing and gliding with both feet off the ground.
  • Practice more on your balance and vision. Practice how to glide while looking forward and not down.
  • Practice your pedaling. Once you perfect balancing, gliding, braking, and keeping your vision forward, you can now practice pedaling.

Practice pedaling until you can comfortably navigate obstacles. Myth Busted.

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