How to Assemble a New Bike
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How to Assemble a New Bike

In the last decade, online shops have replaced the brick and mortar shops. Many people are now ordering their purchases from online shops instead of buying from physical shops.

Bikers have also taken up online shopping to buy their bikes. However, the bikes come in parts, and you are left with assembling the parts.

So how do you assemble a bike? Here is the ultimate guide.

Step 1: Find the Right Tools

Before you begin to assemble, you will need several essential tools. These include a repair stand, wheel truing stand, cone wrenches, wire cutters, a pedal wrench, a set of Allen keys, screwdrivers, air pump, grease, and chain oil.

Step 2: Unpacking

Pull everything out of the packaging box. Next, you need to grease the seat tube and the seat post bolt thread. Afterward, ensure that you tighten the bolts securely before clamping the Seatpost in the repair stand.

Using the wire cutters, snip the zip ties to remove the front wheel. You can recycle the zip tie or use it in the future. Now remove the other packaging.

Step 3: Assembling

  • Grease the headset and bottom bracket if they have loose bearings. However, this may not be necessary if you have sealed cartridge bearings.
  • If you are using an older quill-style stem, prepare the stem bolt threads and shaft by applying grease. Install the handlebar and tighten the bolts, ensuring that the gap is equal on both sides. Then, tighten the top cap.
  • Take the wheels and remove the hubs to check for grease. Add more grease if needed, and adjust the hub cones, so they spin freely. Re-install the hubs.
  • De-stress the wheels and makes sure the alignment is accurate. Inflate the tires and install them on the bike
  • Grease all threads, crank bolts, and chainring bolts.
  • Install the pedals

For the last step, you can add any stickers or accessories that you need. After that, you can now remove the bike from the stand, adjust the seat height, align the handlebars and adjust the headset to your liking.

Do a final check to ensure everything is in place, and then you can go for a test ride.

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