Tips for Replacing the Foolproof Shifter Cable
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Tips for Replacing the Foolproof Shifter Cable

It is inevitable to experience wear out on different parts of your bike. This is no exception for the shifter cables, which wear out after several kilometers of cycling.

Worn-out shifter cables are a nuisance and hinder smooth-riding. The cables get stuck on the housings and can also get caught up on other parts causing avoidable damage. The shifting becomes a nightmare, and you are never going to catch up if you are racing.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary shifter cable troubles, follow these steps to replace your worn-out shifter cables.

Get the Right tools

Before any replacement, you will need tools to help you get the job done efficiently and quickly. For this replacement, you will need; the new cables with housing, inner wires, ferrules, and end caps; hex wrenches, diagonal cutters, poker or small pick, and cable housing cutters.

Steps for Replacement

  • Shift the chain onto the smallest cogs in the front and back.
  • To access the shifter, unwrap the bar tape.
  • Next, remove the old cable from the housing by clipping off the end cap.
  • Take out the old cable from the shifter.
  • Measure the new cable housing and cut the right length. You can use the old housing for measurement.
  • Widen the opening of the housing using a pick and then install the new ferrules, whether metal or plastic.
  • Put in the new cable into the shifters and via the housing.
  • Thread the cable via the derailleur, attach housing, and then secure the bolts in place.
  • Use a cutter to snip off extra cable length and seal the end off with a new end cap. Secure the end cap by crimping it.

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